Reading Superman and Me

Reading Superman and Me

image-1One of my favorite things about great writers is that you don’t even notice that you’re reading. It comes as a shock when you reach the end.  At points in this reading, I had to stop and just appreciate what this writer was capable of. He explores many points of this story, and is very open with his own short-comings. The attention to detail is excellent.  The opening sentence just reels you in. The entire piece is very creative yet feels so image-1-1honest. The writing doesn’t stick to just one piece of the story. It moves around and jumps from point to point. Actually it glides more than anything. And while he raises many points, he’s not afraid to backtrack and explain other details further. The writing is very fluid.

It’s easy enough to have a conversation with him. Which is what annotating is all about. Reading can be more than just a one way street. Annotating helps to achieve a deeper understanding of where the author is coming from and where he is heading.



2 thoughts on “Reading Superman and Me

  1. Nice post, Cali. I love what you say about annotating making reading more than a one-way street.

    On a technical note, I’d love to be able to enlarge the photos you included in this post to see the content and style of your annotations. Is there a way to play with the settings of the embedded image to allow that to happen? If not, maybe the images themselves could be a little bigger? Let me know what you find out.

    1. Try right clicking and opening the image in a new tab. That enlarges it. Not sure about the settings. Will play around with them to see if I can make it better.

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