Reflection of Me…part 1

Reflection of Me…part 1


As always, there is no end to learning. No matter where you come from, there is always more to learn. And this is the case for me. My writing will never be perfect but that’s the best part. Because then I will always be able to strive for more. There comes a point when you have to concede. And sometimes, like with my literacy narrative, you simply can’t find where you would like to progress from. Writing for me has always been similar to connecting puzzle pieces. Deciding which puzzle I want to do, how I want to start, and seeing where the pieces best fit together.

One of my weakest points are finding and using specific parts of other writing and bring it into my own. I can read and make connections, but most of the time the connections are more overall rather than specific.

When I critique my own work, I tend to be merciless. I never like my writing and find anything that I write to be atrocious. But then I struggle with how to bring the piece further. Looking at other’s writing is typically easier. Because it isn’t mine. And it’s easier to see the potential. But then again it’s harder to push other people forward. This is a big point that I can work on. Helping to develop writing.

Communicating in the class is another point that needs work for me. While I may have many opinions and ideas, verbal communication has always been a hassle that only causes stress. For example, I tend to either remain silent or speak without a filter…that usually ends badly. Which is why personal opinions and ideas are typically held back rather than pushed forward. This is probably the one area where I could improve the most.

Literacy is something that must be worked at continuously. And even if I practiced for a hundred years, I would likely never claim to be done learning. Or working towards improvement.

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  1. I like how this self-assessment captures the reality that in a writing class, writing has to meet a schedule, just in life. But that sometimes the writing itself won’t accommodate a schedule. The beauty of writing is that no one ever has the last word. Writing begets writing….

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