Pitches for English 122

Pitches for English 122

There isn’t much to say. We came. We wrote. And now we’ve conquered. Or at least, partly. In the end, we still have another semester to go but at least we can safely say that we’ve put 122 behind us and it’s almost time to move onto 123. Which 123 just writes beautifully. But this was a post to point out that all of the information of 122 has been grouped more or less into a single category.

This first semester has been an interesting one. I’ve enjoyed my time and appreciate that I’ve been put up with. For the most part, I’ve been a difficult person. My ideas always seem to clash with the groups but I hope that my views have created some new ideas and takes on what it means to be 122.

The class has been fun; we got the chance to write about some unique topics that I certainly haven’t had to write about in the past. This class has allowed me to explore new opportunities in my writing.

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