The End of 122

The End of 122

This past semester would probably be the most that I’ve ever revised in my life. Usually all my writings, they’ll have some thoughts and made a dabbling of n outline, and then I’ll just write the paper to get it over with. This past semester has made writing take a turn for the better. My pieces have become longer and more complex. My thoughts actually make it more into the paper than they ever did before.

But that’s not to say I’m anywhere near perfect. As usual, my willingness to revise dies out after about the third essay. So that’s what I need to spend most of my time working on. Continuation. Going back and rewriting. Sticking with a project to the end.

There are other things that I liked from this class that changed how I am but there is still more to come. I feel like that 122 was about finding the issue with how you write and 123 will be going a step further. Maybe it’s before of the numbers, 122 makes me see it as something that’s stuck. Like a little kid that can’t progress any further.

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