Literacy Archive Project Reflection II

Literacy Archive Project Reflection II

This project started back at the begining of the year when English 122 did. From there we learned what discourse was, who Delpit and Brandt would be to us, and this semester we wrapped up our masters with Alexander. This multi-month project has led to here. The end. After writing our own stories, we went back and analyzed our peers and compared them with the thoughts of our masters and ourselves.

In the essays, we were told to create layered paragraphs that would include thoughts from various authors. That allows for the essay itself to become more complex than it would be if all the voices we’ve learned from spoke separately. Sources are an essential piece of essays that can’t be overlooked. You must integrate them as well as cite who’s information it is that you’re taking.

The interesting thing about this project is seeing how similar some of the stories can be. Literacy is the same for most of the English 122 classes. There are those who struggled with it, those who thrived, those who succeeded as well as those who failed. Alexander was able to divide these stories into 8 simple categories. I believe for the sample that we were able to look at, the categories could have been simplified even further.

There is likely a lot more that I could have done for this process, thoughts that were never written and ideas that were never said. I can look back and see how I failed to make connections to make my piece stronger. But I can also recognize that I’m satisfied with how my essay turned out.

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