Final Review of the Product

Final Review of the Product

Weak points:
A lot of the time I resort to paraphrasing my work and not making clear my evidence. I was told that the introduction was a bit rough, while it tried to set up the essay, there would be a bit of confusion for any newcomer that tried to read my essay. Terms that they wouldn’t completely understand. Throughout my essay though, my sources are limited. They don’t have a strong and direct voice in the paper. My focus also is usually universal, which can be a good thing but I never focus my work in or provide concrete examples or expand on my thinking through the examples I do provide.

My definition of terms and there uses were considered good. This led to my solid argument, which also led to my conclusion that was connected decently to the whole of my essay. I leave the essay with a lot more questions than answers. This could be considered a weakness but as I intended for that to be the result, since that would possibly lead a curious passerby to further investigate and create there own claims, this generation of questions is a pro.

The best thing to do to improve in my work for the future would be to work on my weaknesses so that they can further my arguments that I try to make in essays in the future. I have a lot of ideas that I try to incorporate into my paper, it would be helpful to focus more on one or two ideas and find solid evidence base for it, for future papers.


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