Diets for review

Diets for review

Eating healthy foods and monitoring your diet is a struggle that many people face. Guidelines are constantly changing, new ideas are constantly evolving, the idea of what is best to eat is something that is not easily decided. Take coconut oil, out of no where a few years ago, people decided that it was the gold standard. This product is high in saturated fats and most nutritionists actually don’t support it as the ‘amazing’ thing that so many individuals think it is.

The same can be said for diets. There are a variety of diets available for individuals to try, but not all of them are decent or healthy for you. In America, there is a fear of being fat. Some diets extort this fear by restricting foods, promoting baseless claims, and promote unhealthy behavior.

As part of my nutrition class, I’ve reviewed two diets. One that I would recommend, the Bob Greene (or Best of Life diet) and another ones, the hCG diet, that I would not.




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