Throughout the class, I have been here and focused on whatever was happening in class. Whether it be listening, conversing, or creating.

At times we would be broken down into groups and then we would share ideas with each other. Most of that, if not all was just discussion and there were no notes for it. Online, we commented on our questions and in the essays, we looked at our peer’s writings and pointed out areas of global revision for them to focus on.

This work was done over a few days in class. There would be points of discussion where we would look to how we could further our pieces and how it would be best to improve other’s work as well.

Other times we would look over other’s  thoughts and post responses on line.

Posts throughout on my page are other examples of participation and engagement throughout the semester.


As the year continued on, while in class, my engagement would stay focused. We did a collaborative google doc between four of us that showed idea generation, examples from papers, and references to use. From there on, most of the engagement came from discussing and reviewing each others’ work. We peer reviewed and marked up pages of fellow students, then talked about what exactly we meant in our comments and expanded on that. There were a few discussion questions posted by the instructor as well.