Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

At long last, we’ve reached the conclusion to 123. There have been long hours slaved over a computer, trying in vain to find the words that would be most appeasing. Reading and rereading articles, looking for the right quotes and sayings that will propel our essays just that much further.

We came in to English as a newcomer to the discourse of college. At least mostly. Looking back I’m not all that sure where I progressed. I mean I did. A bit. But that’s typical with practice, you get better. Though I will admit to never before this class spending so much time on any one piece of writing. That was a new thing for me, at most I’ve only ever gone over a paper two or three times before submitting the final version. So this submitting of rough drafts, drafting ideas, exchanging thoughts with my peers as well as my instructor has been an experience for me.

I refuse to say that anything that I submitted was perfect, there’s always room for improvement. I will say that some of it was pretty good though.

When I first came into English 122, I had the mindset not to care about what others thought of my work. I had been a decent yet reserved writer in high school; I decided that I didn’t want to be that way here are UNE. As a result, my writing took a turn for being a bit out there are times and for the most part I was only interested in the creative side of writing. That ended up as my focus.

Still in the end, one could say that English 122 & 123 taught me something.

On the other hand, what did it come to? This year has been an interesting mash of organized chaos. There were many points to this year that I looked at as a refresher while other times it was an interesting challenge.

This class made you work for your grades and essays, it was near impossible to skim any of the work without being left behind in the class. Or found out. Missing class just did not seem to be an option, though for some people that didn’t stop.

Overall, English 123 was a continuation of English 122. There was no great separation between the classes, at most the struggle came from the classes being too similar. There were times when one had to wonder why this was a two part course. The overuse of the word discourse drove one near mad.

Yes there is the benefit with working with a term for so long and building off of it, but on the other hand, it is a near nightmare. There are only so many ways to define terms in papers with your own words before you begin to plagiarize the author or yourself. There were times when I would cancel paragraphs because they had turned out to be too similar to the things that I had previously worked on.

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