Integration with Others

Integration with Others

The major idea of integration is carrying on a conversation with those that are a master. This is the the end result of active reading typically. You’ve come up with ideas from reading the works of others and now you’re combining those thoughts with theirs in a formal writing instead of along the margins.

Using the formulas that you gave us, I tried to integrate my ideas with other voices whenever possible. One post that I did was:

Sociologists call it the “Matthew Effect.” The way to the ultimate success is through success itself. The better you are, the more you get (30). The richer you are, the richer you become. All it takes is initial success to get the ball rolling, because that’s what creates opportunities. The author makes the argument that one of the biggest opportunities that individuals get is when they are born. He says that it is something that they have neither deserved nor earned the right to this head start (30).
He gets hung up on the smallest of things. It’s true that a baby does not choose when it’s born. It had no say in when it would be conceived. But the parents did, the parents are the ones who created the opportunity for their child. So yes, the child didn’t do anything to deserve or earn a head start. But the parents still worked for that to happen. Because that’s what parents do. They create opportunities for their children and put in the extra effort. One girl, Abby, wrote her narrative “The Giving Tree and Me.” She talks about when she was little and how her and her parents would read book after book. She was raised to see it as a reward. That influenced how she looked at it. Reading wasn’t a punishment, it was an enjoyable moment with her and her parents. Something that she would look forward to. Gladwell would likely say that she had an advantage over her peers. She was exposed to more books early on and was given more opportunities at reading. She was given the support she needed to be able to become better at something.
Sometimes there is no control in the opportunities that we are given. Some people get none while others get hundreds. Being exposed to something often builds a familiarity or a resistance to it. The writer of “The Giving Tree and Me” was given a safe and early environment in the world of reading. There her love for books was able to grow. Unlike other kids who weren’t exposed to the pages of a book early on. The people in her life were able to show her the joy of reading. In her mind books made a strong connection to her family as they became part of her nightly ritual. Gee would agree that her discourse was made to be around books, to the point where it could be considered part of her primary discourse. She was having books read to her by the time that she was two. This would likely affect her language skills and influence her later on in life. For her, her life didn’t have any significant negative moments that would impact how she read. And if there were negative moments, they weren’t strong enough for her to write about them now. She’s able to make connections with the characters in every book that she reads. Characters and poems would be able to influence her in her life that would further her success in reading. Characters who struggled, she faced those struggles with them and was able to survive it. People who are able to make connections to characters are able to go on their journeys with them, to make just as big as an impact, to be able to grow just as much as a character. Initial success in reading is what often leads to this particular opportunity.

This response incorporates voices from multiple sources in each paragraph. In my essay, I took Gee’s, Alexander’s, Delpit’s and Brandt’s voices and incorporated them into my essay. Voices from my peers also came forward. Those however could have been chosen more carefully to bring a move powerful feel to my essay.

Of course if you use multiple sources, you have to cite them. There was no official citing for this piece but there were in text references for the pages that I used to make my points.

I’m not sure if I’ve really made progress anywhere from where I was before. Maybe it’s because I’m too close to it that my level just always feels the same. But again, I feel like the reasoning is the same as on the recursive writing process. Lack of motivation to bring my writing to any higher level. But again, it’s not as if I feel that the work that I did was terrible. In fact, I’m happy with it. There was nothing that really screamed out to me that needed to be looked at for hours on end. That feeling will probably come back to hurt me in the end, but too late now. In the future I would definitely say that I need more attention to all my writing and a willingness to go back again and continue working.

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