Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

A review of the semester. The overall of the points being made:

The best way that I’ve found to improve your writing ability is practice. And that’s what this semester has ended up being for me. A lot of practice. Each piece that we’ve written or comment that we’ve made has been an experience.

On the first day of class, I thought that college writing would be a whole other world of academics. I ignored what other students from my high school had previously warned and just assumed that it would be a challenging experience. In reality it ended up being almost identical to what I had already experienced.

Complex writings become simple when you try having a conversation with them instead of trying to only understand them. Taking notes in the margins for later has always been a favorite technique of mine.

For generating ideas, I tend to enjoy using free writing to come up with thoughts about writing. It’s the most freeing and allows me to come up with some random ideas that can be turned into complex thoughts. I enjoy writing about atypical things.

Revision is always a smart idea; first drafts are full of errors and have plenty of points that need clarification. Revision is where ideas usually become more complex and developed, this is why it is an essential step in writing. Even if it’s a pain.

Using the voices of others? That gives your writing more power. Even if their voice disagrees with your own, it allows for contrast and comparison between sources. In a well done paper, there should be a point or argument being made.

Feedback is how you get better at something. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one giving or the one receiving. The ability to recognize points in another person’s work is a valuable tool that helps you in your own writing. And having someone point out things in your paper can help you figure out how helpful something is or isn’t. If it’s working or not.

Challenges are how you get better. They give you experience and force you to practice skills you might otherwise not think of.

Finishing off both essays was a happy moment for me. My first piece that I did surprised me. Before this class, I tended not to type what I was thinking or give much thought to what I did say. But for my Literacy piece, I just wrote. And I dug. And I found memories that I thought I had lost a long time ago.

The best way to write, is to write honestly. And without regret. Write what you want to say instead of what you should say because that usually ends up having more impact than anything else you might come up with.


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