Control Sentence, Level Error

Control Sentence, Level Error

I think that my control over my sentences is at a good place. There are times when I get lazy and instead of searching for another way to connect thoughts, I’ll simply use ‘and.’ My writing tutor has had fun attempting to get me to stop but I usually try to avoid advancing it. Especially in my literacy paper.

I would like to believe that my errors drop out with each rewrite. There have not been a lot of critiquing that goes on for me so to find which spots needs improvement, has been challenging more often than not. And not because they are perfect, far from it. It’s usually because I’ve stared at them for too long and can no longer spot where I’ve corrected.

Overall this year hasn’t had much of a focus on the tiny picture. Our class has had a focus on the big picture instead, the universal things instead of the sentence level and error.


“James Paul Gee, one of the foremost thinkers on the concepts of Discourse, offers a complex standing on what a Discourse is truly capable of. His paper on “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction,” explains and introduces his ideas of Discourse. One of his claims is that people are limited in their primary Discourse; this is where many people begin to reject his ideas (Gee 10).”

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