Critique Own Work and Others

Critique Own Work and Others

I would like to believe that I’ve done some good editing when it comes to other’s works. I try to make my comments open, so that the reader knows where I think should be changed but not exactly how to do it. But there are times when I’ll leave suggestions, paths that I think that they should take in order to improve it. english_critiques3 english_critiques2 english_critiques1

It’s harder to critique myself though. I never feel like my writing is good enough but in the end I usually come to the point of feeling helpless to fix it. In my White Chicks in Discourse, there was a lot that I had to say but by the end, it all felt useless. The prompts gave me direction but a lot of the points that I created, I struggled to tied them in neatly.

Here’s are the other self assessments that I’ve made over the course of the year:

And just in case you missed my Learning Outcomes page…


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