Writing Process

Writing Process

Here’s how my writing process usually goes:

We get the assignment. Talk about it in class for a bit, potentially do some drafting then and there. Then hours later, possibly days later, I’ll start to think about it some more. And then when I hit a brick wall, I’ll start talking. To anyone, it’s really unfortunate when you’re my victim but that’s how I get most of my ideas. But that’s what works best for me. Then after I’ve ranted, that’s when I’ll take my outline and add to it again. I’ll add notes of what I want and ideas of potential. And then, I’ll write. At first I’ll write without looking at the outline. Once I’ve finally run out of words off the top of my head, that’s when I’ll go back over what I wanted to say.

Afterwards, I’ll trash the first piece and start again. This will happen usually two or three times before the first draft is decent enough for me to be willing to show it to anyone. But in each take, I rarely look at what I’ve already written.

I’m told that my voice is something that I don’t have to worry about showing up in a paper. That came as a surprise, for most of my previous years in writing, I never thought that my voice was very strong. I had opinions but they all ended up being wishy-washy and unfocused.

Instead I need to focus more on the showing other people’s voices.

A time where I wrote and rewrote about my literacy:


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