The Reason Behind Nursing

The Reason Behind Nursing

My family was on vacation. We were standing in line after dinner to get ice cream cones when we heard it. The sound of flesh on metal. The shriek of brakes. The thud that came after; the sound of her hitting the pavement. Everything seemed to freeze. That’s what I remember most. The pause that came after the hit.

The first person to move was my mom. She flung her purse at my dad and raced across the street to where the body was. In the chaos, she was calm. At the time, I didn’t realize what this moment would mean to me. Looking back now, this was the moment that most affected my choice in becoming a nurse.

I strive for the ability to move through chaos and offer comfort in terror. Where people take pause, I want to be able to take action.

Throughout my education, I have struggled through the long hours of studying and the pressures of each course with the my end goal in mind. One day soon, I hope to be standing in the Emergency Department. Waiting to ease the fear of patients in crisis.

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