The Best of Life diet

The Best of Life diet

This diet originated from Bob Greene, a exercise physiologist. It gained popularity when Oprah tried it out, and as far as diets go, it’s one of the better ones. This plan isn’t a short term one, it’s one that lasts forever.

The diet works in three phases:

  • Baby steps—lasts four weeks, this is the step where individuals are asked to go out and be more active and discard six ‘problem foods.’
  • Get moving—this one lasts another four weeks. This is where people continue to increase their daily activity, learn more about hunger, and portion control.
  • Your best life—this is the third and final phase. And this one is ongoing. Activity is asked to be increased again, people are to reduce saturated fats, sodium, added sugars, and discard trans fats.

Food: three meals a day, 1+ snack, supplements, and water

Breakfast: fiber and calcium-rich breakfast, no eating 2 hours before bedtime, no eating: alcohol, soda,                   trans fats, fired foods, white bread, whole milk or yogurt.

Portion controls, allowing for more calories the more individuals exercise.

Nutritional foods, adding quality to calories.


This diet is a safe bet, instead of being a fad or quick process, the diet is a more permanent solution. It places a focus on reaching a healthy weight and maintaining it through the year. The steps in it are manageable and allows ample time for adjustment periods. It doesn’t alter current diets traumatically. Additionally, there isn’t a strict calorie limit on. Instead, the diet looks at the nutrition of food, the exercise, and the person. This diet, like most diets, is not easy to stick to. It does take effort, especially when individuals go out to eat.



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